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Nortel Nortel T24 Key Indicator Module (NT8B29AAAA)

Nortel Nortel T24 Key Indicator Module (NT8B29AAAA)

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  • The Nortel KIM Module attaches to the Nortel T7316E Telephone.
  • It is a 24 button add-on module for either line or extension display.
  • The KIM Module will only work with systems release 6.1 or higher.
  • It will not work on systems with a lower release.

    T7316E not included


    • Key Features Modular design: Whether functioning as a feature-rich standalone solution or as a Central Answering Position, the T7316ET24s modular design allows strategic deployment based on business requirements.
    • System powered: Reliability is improved and installation simplified by removing the auxiliary power supply and utilizing the BCM or Norstar system to power the BST CAP.
    • Busy lamp field/Direct station select: Increases customer satisfaction while improving operator efficiency by utilizing multi-segment icons for accurate and efficient routing of customer inquiries.
    • Audio control center: Simplifies telephone operation by clustering common audio features for fast and precise toggle action between handset, headset, and speaker.
    • Multiple hunt groups on the T24
    • Key Indicator Module (KIM): Ensures real-time contact by providing a series of telephone lines organized in such a way that if the first line is busy the next line is hunted until a free line is found.
    • Multi-segment icons: Improves internal communication flow by providing a station status for system subscribers.
    • Default features based on profiles: Simplifies system administration by defaulting to one of four profiles that are based on user requirements.
    • Default line and hunt group assignment: Simplifies system administration by logically defaulting to the top six buttons on the LCD supported programmable button column.
    • OA&M navigation buttons: Simplifies system administration by moving navigation capability from the middle to the top of the LCD supported programmable button column.
    • Quick reference pull-out tray: Simplifies telephone operation by making the quick reference guide immediately accessible.
    • Desktop Assistant label application version 1.3: Simplifies installation, moves, adds, and changes by allowing multiple sets to be printed simultaneously on perforated blank label sheets and zooming during print preview.
    You can have a total of 9 - T24 KIM Modules attached to a T7316E Telephone

    Norstar T24 KIM Module Compatibility
    • Norstar T24 KIM Module is compatible with BCM 3.5 or later and Norstar 6.1 or later

    Part Number: NT8B29AAAA, NT8B29AAAB




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