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Onsite Technical Services

At Burns, we offer a wide range of telecom services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. 

  •     Sales, Service and Installation of new telecom systems (VoIP, HOSTED)
  •     Move, Adds, and Changes to existing systems (Nortel, Allworx, E-Metrotel)
  •     System Administration and Staff Training
  •     Overhead Paging Systems
  •     Voice and Data Cabling
  •     Service Contracts

Onsite Service Rates

  • Nortel Service - $135.00/hr - Min 1 Hour

  • Allworx Service - $135.00/hr - Min 1 Hour

  • E-Metrotel Service - $135.00/hr - Min 1 Hour

Emergency Call Out Rate -  $345.00 first hour + the above for each additional hour.


Allworx Service Technician

Allworx Service Technician

Regular price $135.00 CAD
E-MetroTel  Service Technician

E-MetroTel Service Technician

Regular price $135.00 CAD
Nortel - Telephone Support Only

Nortel - Telephone Support Only

Regular price $85.00 CAD
Service Nortel (Meridian) Systems - BURNS

Nortel Service Technician

Regular price $135.00 CAD