Collection: Hosted Cloud PBX Phone System - Toronto

Hosting phone systems in the cloud is becoming an increasingly popular choice for businesses and is transforming the way employees communicate.

Simply put, hosted telephony or VoIP as it’s commonly referred to, is a telephone system sitting in a data center in the cloud. It allows employees to make and receive calls from multiple locations using IP handsets, mobiles or other devices through a broadband connection from where they are then routed out.


Cost Control: There is little or no upfront capital outlay with hosted telephony, you only pay a monthly set cost making it easy to factor into your budgets. Internal calls are usually free and maintenance costs are reduced as there is no hardware.

Scalable for business growth:  Hosted systems can be scaled up and down depending on employee requirements and business strategies.

Unified communications: It is easy to connect with other locations to hosted systems. By having a centralized platform in the Cloud from which to manage everything ensures consistency and reliability when it comes to internal and external calls.

Disaster Recovery: A big advantage of hosted telephony is that you are protected in the event of a disaster. As long as you have access to the internet, calls can be redirected to any location or device within a few minutes.