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Infinity 5010 Xstim (HPINFC-5010)

Infinity 5010 Xstim (HPINFC-5010)


  • $291.73 CAD

Infinity 5010 Xstim (HPINFC-5010)

The Infinity 5010 Xstim IP Phone supports up to 10 programmable line/key buttons and is optimized for executive use or major decision makers who need more programmable buttons.​ Programmable buttons can be configured with UCx features like BLF, Auto-Dial, Intercom, Call Pickup, and many other features.​

The phone can also support up to 6 expansion modules, each module supporting an additional 20 keys.

The 5010 features a high-resolution 480 x 272 pixels 4.3" TFT-LCD display and HD quality audio.​





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