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Algo 8028 (8028) - BURNS

Algo 8028 (8028G2)


  • $898.40 CAD

Algo 8028G2 SIP Door Phone


The Algo 8028G2 SIP Door Phone and IP Intercom is an outdoor rated solution for your security needs. Compatible with a wide range of premise based and hosted PBX's, the Algo 8028 Door Phone can connect to a VoIP telephony system so guests, visitors or clients can be greeted from any telephone and be allowed entry by a press of a key.

Algo 8028G2 Overview

Installation of the Algo 8028 is simple and secure by use of single pair telephone wiring to the all weather digital door station, and a remotely located access control relay prevents tampering. Included brass and stainless steel faceplates combine with easy surface or recessed mounting to make the 8028 well suited for many applications including commercial, industrial, public facility, or private residence.

When a visitor presses a backlit call button on the two wire Door Station, it rings to one or more telephones. Answering the ringing phone enables communication with the visitor and door unlock capability. The 8028 is a perfect application for secure business entrances, access control, residential gates, airports, hospitals, hotels, schools and campuses, parking garages, nursing homes, prisons and casinos.

Algo 8028G2 Features and Functions

  • SIP Endpoint with auto-provisioning capability
  • Web interface for remote configuration
  • Initiates or accepts calls
  • Single pair 24 AWG wiring up to 1,000 Ft (300 m) from controller
  • Flush or surface mount weather-resistant enclosure
  • Full duplex capable
  • Stainless steel or brass
  • Backlit call button
  • Door control relay located securely inside the premise at the Controller location
  • Network connection not exposed outdoors
  • CSA/UL approved for outdoor location
  • Supervised link to door station
  • Door sensor or call button input at controller or door station
  • In-use or call button output at controller or door station
  • Door control relay from controller with available 24 V 300 mA power
  • FCC & CISPR22 Class B approval for residential use
  • Single pair wiring for easy retrofit
  • Equally suited for commercial, residential, or public facility


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