3CX Android App Official Release: Redesigned for Better Call Management

Posted on June 14th, 2023 by Thomas Borg, Assistant Product Manager, 3CX

Improved functionality with a range of new features added.

The latest official release of our Android app is now available for update and download from the Google Play Store. It introduces a new dialer redesign, better handling of multiple calls and allows for status viewing whilst dialing a number, helping you to better prioritize and manage your calls.

The new revamped design of the dialer follows a Material design language, which includes updated and modern icons, and improving accessibility. The reduction in button size allows for a reduction of accidental taps, and easier one-handed use, making them more reachable.

Our new dialer features are designed with the following key elements:

  • Reduction in button size to minimize accidental taps
  • Modern icons with better placement
  • View the caller’s avatar when on a call
  • The navigation bar in the Dialer allows you to start the transfer procedure. Tapping on either Contacts or Teams and any contact item will initiate the transfer.

Android Multi call view


The multi-call view allows for users to keep track of all their current calls, either on hold or incoming. A simple tap on the caller row will switch that call to the active caller, whilst substituting your previous call to ‘On hold’ state. In summary:

  • A scrollable list of your callers
  • You can identify who’s calling you by their avatar or initials
  • Status of the call is displayed with customized icons ‘On hold’ or ‘Incoming call’
  • Each row is clickable allowing you to move the ‘On hold’ button to the Active call window

Call Badge

Android Call Badge


When navigating your dialer whilst on a call, a green bar is shown at the top of your screen as a reminder of your ongoing call. This will contain the caller name, number and status of the call, whether you are Connected or On hold. Simply tapping on this badge will navigate you back to the Dialer.

Status in Dialer

Android Status on Dialer


When dialing a number, you can instantly see the status of the person you are calling, whether it is any of the pre-defined statuses, or whether the person is currently answering another call.

Other Fixes and Improvements

Along with the UI improvements, we’ve also improved the transferring of calls methodology, as well as some refactoring to the Call history and Contacts screens.

Download now

Head over to the Google Play Store to download the latest Android App. Head over to the Forum for the latest discussion. View the complete changelog history.




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