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Galaxy DSM16p Digital Line Card (HCGLXC-16D)

Galaxy DSM16p Digital Line Card (HCGLXC-16D)


  • $1,222.00 CAD

Galaxy DSM16p Digital Line Card (HCGLXC-16D)

The maximum capacity supported by one UCx Digital Station Module (DSM16) hardware is 16 telephone sets.  Expansion beyond this capacity is achieved by deploying multiple DSM16s.

The DSM16 is non-blocking, meaning that all 16 connected sets may be used concurrently.  

Digital Phones

The current release of the UCx Digital Gateway software supports the following Nortel/Avaya digital phones and devices:

  • M7100
  • M7208
  • M7310
  • M7324
  • CAP (Central Answering Position)
  • T7100
  • T7208
  • T7316
  • T7316E
  • T7406
  • T7406E
  • T24 KIM (Key Indicator Module)
  • Norstar Audio Conferencing Unit
  • ATA2


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