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External CDR Interface  (UCX-CDR)

External CDR Interface (UCX-CDR)


  • $1,282.50 CAD


The UCx External CDR Interface application was developed to give a simple method of allowing read only access to CDR records from a remote server. This allows the user to access the data with a standard MySQL client or third party application to access the data directly for their specific purposes.The External CDR Interface application has the following attributes:

  • Configuration is done through the UCx web interface 
  • A user name and password can be configured with remote read only access privileges to the CDR records
  • Remote access can be enabled and disabled


  1. UCx server is installed with the latest E-Metrotel software.
  2. An updated license to include the UCx External CDR Interface software.
  3. An external MySQL client or third party application to access data.


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