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1825PM Duet Plus Loud Ringer (1825)


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1825PM Duet Plus Loud Ringer (1825)


The Algo 1825PM Duet Plus is a high performance low-frequency loud ringer for high noise / wide area environments where telephone ringing is difficult to hear (e.g. factory, machine shop, warehouse, lunch room). The Duet Plus can also help to avoid missed calls due to a hearing impairment. The device interfaces to a CO line or with any telephone system via an analog FXS port, ATA or contact closure such as a night bell.

Loud ringing can be activated by a relay or switch closure (dry contacts), low voltage detection, 90V analog telephone ringing, or the headset jack on selected Nortel Norstar and BCM digital business telephones.



Non-Irritating Tone Output

The 1825PM Duet Plus can be wall mounted in office or quiet warehouse applications utilizing its built in speaker to generate up to 93 dBA (at 1m) warble tones.  The combination of lower frequency warble and high sound pressure level creates an extremely effective and pleasant telephone alert for large or noisy locations.

Amplified Voice Paging

An additional feature of the 1825PM Duet Plus is its capability to provide amplified voice paging as a separate application or in combination with loud ringing utilizing the same speaker. The Duet Plus is a cost effective solution for small warehouse, storage yard, or machine shop applications where single speaker coverage is adequate. Separate volume control is provided for voice page and loud ring levels.

Other useful features include adjustable warble frequency, adjustable volume, and integrated test button.

Key Features

  • Convenient 90 volt ring detection via an RJ11 modular jack
  • Avaya IPO connectivity directly to an FXS port for “wet” paging
  • Auxiliary speaker output for connection to existing amplifier/paging systems
  • Dry contact activation from push-button, Algo doorphone controllers, or PBX Night Bell/Auxiliary Ring contacts
  • Operational from the headset jack of Nortel Norstar and selected Meridian 1 station sets
  • Low frequency tone output provides effective non-irritating notification of telephone and paging signals
  • Adjustable volume and frequency controls to suit user preferences
  • Designed for easy wall mounting