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SIP-Based Multi-Base Phone System Base  (mi-MCB8663W)

SIP-Based Multi-Base Phone System Base (mi-MCB8663W)


  • $400.00 CAD

SIP-Based Multi-Base Phone System Base (mi-MCB8663W)

The mi-MCB8663 is a scalable multi-cell IP DECT Base Station for Small, Medium and Large Enterprise. The multi cell system offers a unique redundant solution that ensure the best up time. The system is scalable from 1 base, and 30 user and up to 4000 bases and 16000 users, the scalability is achieved by used patent protect technology. The system easily integrates towards a cloud solution that ensures easy maintenance, high security, and flexibility.


 • Wideband and narrowband audio support 
 • 12 slot radio with up to 10 voice channels active - 10 audio channels using G.726 / G711 codec - 10 audio channels using G729AB / BV32 - 8 audio channels using OPUS - 5 CAT-iq wideband audio channels using G.722 
 • Worldwide radio power levels / frequency bands 
 • Scalable system from 1 to 4000 bases in same network 
 • 16000 subscriptions (max 16000 handsets)
 • Power over Ethernet or DC supply 
 • IEEE1588 Lan and/or Air synchronization 
 • Support software download to wireless terminals 
 • LED status indication 
 • LDAP and/or XML phonebook support 
 • Seamless handover 
 • Repeater support 
 • Auto/Remote provisioning 
 • Supports all Multicell devices 

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