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Nortel Startalk Flash Voicemail V2.1 (2 Port) - NT5B07AABC - BURNS

Nortel Startalk Flash Voicemail V2.1 (2 Port) - NT5B07AABC


  • $560.00 CAD

Nortel Flash 2 Voicemail System

Flash Quick Reference Guide

Flash Set-up and Operations Guide

Startalk Flash Features:

  • Auto Attendant: Works completely on its own, serving as an automated receptionist and making sure your business is answered promptly and properly, 24 hours a day.
  • Auto Operator: Routes and reroutes calls. Custom Call Routing features act like a super-efficient switchboard operator, using Auto Attendant to bypass the receptionist and ensure important outside calls are routed directly to the person the caller wants to speak with.
  • Auto Messenger: Records and sends voice messages. Voice Mail features act like an electronic messenger, making sure to accurately record what your caller said and how they said it. Stores your messages in your personal mailbox. Incoming callers hear a greeting in your own voice.
  • Tight integration with Calling Line ID: Allows you to create personalized greetings for key customers and suppliers to give them that extra service.
  • Integration with Flash ACD Auto Call Distribution: Helps you create a small order desk, reservations office, customer service department, or technical support center. Callers can leave a message in a general voice mailbox or wait in queue for the next available employee while listening to digital voice announcements promoting your products or services. Your agents can log in from any Norstar station without dedicating the station to the ACD. The Flash ACD system can be programmed from any Norstar station with a 2-line display.
  • Startalk Flash voicemail comes in two models:
    • Startalk Flash 2: For business sites with 1-24 users that can benefit from applications such as Auto Attendant and Custom Call Routing. Includes two ports, up to 24 mailboxes, and 90 minutes of memory.



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